Friday, July 22, 2011


Dear YY n NN n DD n xDD
Mummy failed terribly in updating your blog.  :(
Have been so busy for the past few months.  Everytime there is some interesting thing to blog about, Mummy will go to the facebook website instead.  Fast and convenient.  But less personal to you 4.  It's really a very bad habit.

A brief summary of happenings and developments within these 5 mths before the next long lapse....

5th Feb 2011- xDD turned one. 
We had a simple celebration at home. Your 3 kor kors and jie jie helped decorate the DIYed cake from Icing Room.  All had lots of fun!  And you picked the pen during our traditional item picking session.  A writer to be in future?
Grow up healthy and happy in our family, our youngest baby.  :)

March School Holidays 2011 -
HongKong Trip with the 3 eldest kids.  Sorry! xdd.
Went together with Aunty Michelle and family.
It was real fun.  Will blog about this soon!

March 2011 -
xDD began to walk steadily.  Well done, my lil baby!

NN, you resumed your art lessons with Tr Maria. 
DD, you started art lessons with Tr Maria as well.
You 2 really like her so much and have so much fun during art class.

10th April 2011 -
Had a birthday bash for Grandma in a restaurant.  Invited almost 60-70 friends and relatives altogether. 
Happy 70th birthday, Grandma!

6th May 2011 -
Happy Birthday, NN!
We celebrated with you at your preschool, followed by a visit to your favourite indoor playgrd, Go Go Bambini. 

May 2011 -
xDD had his first hair cut!  Long overdue.  Supposed to do it when you were 4th mth old, but delayed until you were almost 1 year 4 mth old.  So sorry!
But you were such a good boy during the haircut.  You didn't fuss at all!  Well done!

End May 2011 -
NN, you had your first violin exam in Nafa.  Score As for both assessment.  Thus you can move on to Prep 2 Class the next term. Very good job!

DD, you cleared the violin audition for prep 1 class!  Whoa!  You are starting nafa too!

June School holidays 2011 -

Short getaway to Pulai Springs Resort at Johor with 4 other families.  Fun!

Redang trip with YY and NN.  Sorry, DD and xDD.  You 2 are too young to swim or last the 9 hour coach trip!  Will blog about this separately too!

July 2011 -
DD, start of Enopi Maths and Nafa Violin classes for you.  So far we are both coping ok, and you are not as unco-operative as before.  Maybe bcos you are bigger now, and hence more sensible?

Loving all 4 of you

Hugs & Kisses

Sunday, February 20, 2011

CNY 2011 - 2nd Day


Dear YY n NN n DD n xDD

Usually on the 2nd day of every CNY, our whole family would set off for Yong Peng in Malaysia early in the morning.
This year, we started our journey at ard 630am. 
The best part of the journey had to be that stretch of small windy road from Yong Peng into KB.  At one part of the road, when one drives fast enuff, you will find your heart dropping.  (Due to the sudden drop in road level).  You kids have always look foward to this.  Mummy too, when I was small. :)

Reached your 4th GrandAunt's house 2 hours later, where some of your little Uncles and Aunties were still Zzzz-ing....

All of them were so excited to see the 4 of you.  The place was real spacious and you had fun visiting the relatives' houses.

After lunch, we drove down to another town for a short visit.  You had so much fun with the little rabbits found in one of the organic farms.

Playing with Rabbits

Then we proceeded for dinner at Lucky Gardens Restaurant in Yong Peng, treated by Mummy's Eldest Uncle.  Total 4 tables of >12 pax per table.  Really a big family, and every year it's growing!

After that we went to 6th Grandaunt's house. 

NN and DD, you 2 had so much fun at her Kara-oke room, singing that hokkien tv drama song...  
xDD, you were so happy sitting in that remote control car.  :)
YY, you had fun with the fireworks and sparklers here.

The highlight of the CNY Malaysia visit has always been Fireworks at 4th Grandaunt's place after that. 
Thanks to the little Uncles and Aunties, who kept quite a large quantity of fireworks for you to play with.
You really had so much fun there. 
DD, you were so happy playing with the Kong Ming Teng.... You must have lighted at least 5 or 6.  :)

Mummy had alot of childhood memories playing with fireworks here, and it was really nice that you kids get the rare chance to play with them too.  :P


Hugs & Kisses

CNY 2010 - 1st Day


Dear YY n NN n DD n xDD
First time our xDD went out to collect ang pows during CNY.  :P
It was the same routine.  To Popo's house first (lunchtime), then to Great Grandma's house after that (dinnertime).  Met all your little aunties who were there visiting as well.  :) 

Hugs & Kisses

Eve of CNY 2011


Dear YY n NN n DD n xDD
Our 2nd time as a family of 6 celebrating CNY.
Last year xDD was barely 2 weeks old and Mummy was still confined at home during this time of the year.
This year, all 6 of us trooped down to Popo's house for Reunion Dinner. :)
Steamboat cum BBQ dinner, same as how we normally celebrated CNY Reunion Dinner the past few years.
Er Shu and San Shu came over for a short MJ session with Papa just before midnite.
YY, you said you joined them and declared to stay awake the whole night. But shortly after they left, you fell asleep too. Silly boy. :P

Hugs & Kisses

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doggy for Xdd's 1st Birthday


Dear xDD
Your 1st birthday falls on the 3rd day of CNY this year.
Hence we decided to get you a pressie in advance.
This meant another birthday trip to the Build-a-Bear Workshop at Vivocity.  (All the kids, except for your Kor Kor Ryan, have gotten a 1st birthday pressie from here before)
Your korkors and jiejie chose a husky dog for you and they had great fun helping the shop assistant to "puff up" and "dress up" your doggy.
There was a slight debate on naming your dog (Kingsley or Gordon) during the making of the birth cert.
Finally the 3 elder siblings agreed on naming the dog Kingsley, hence xDD's Kingsley came home with us.  :P    

Hugs & Kisses

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Act 3 Workshop - Rapunzel


Dear NN
Another Act 3 Drama Workshop for you.  You enjoyed this very much together with Zavier and a few other friends you made during the lesson.  Really looking forward to the day DD Rhaines can join you for this kinda workshop in the near future....

Hugs & Kisses

Ryan's First Transaction @ Flea Mkt at Pasir Ris


Dear YY
Er Shu and San Shu rented a place at the flea market on the 1st day of the year 2011.
However San Shu was out-station during this period and you gamely volunteered to help out.
The items to sell were iphone 4 covers which Er Shu bought in bulk from china, and some old audio CDs.
Your first transaction came from an uncle who bought a total of 14 CDs. You were so proud of yourself. However biz was slow for iphone covers and you ended up playing games on Er Shu's handphone instead.
The stall lasted for 3 hours before it started to drizzle. Papa quickly helped Er Shu to bundle up everything and made for shelter upstairs, back at Po Po's house. However the rain stopped as suddenly as it started. But all 3 of you were tired and decided to call it a day.
On hindsight, maybe they shouldn't have packed up so early. Maybe should have make it last until the very last hour....

In any case, it was a rare experience for you.

Hugs & Kisses